Face Painting
I can create beasts and beauties all in around 5 minutes per face, or I can spend much longer on a more detailed fancy dress or theatrical design. I use each child's imagination as a starting point and love being challenged with 'a christmas piranah fish please' or 'a penguin holding a swiss flag' just as much as painting personalised pink butterflies. I can also paint detailed designs on arms.

Glitter Tattoos
Glitter - Free hand designs for older children and adults which can last from 2-7 days.Small individual designs can cover up existing tattoos or just make beautiful decoration;, they also make a great theme for a hen night, or talking point for promotional activities.

Gestational Painting
Bump or gestational painting is relatively new to the UK, but has been popular in Belgium, Germany, Italy and also the Netherlands for some time, where the pictures are often used on birth cards announcing the new arrival. Mums-to-be find the gentle painting relaxing, and it’s a fun way to enjoy those last few weeks of pregnancy. Some of the bump art in my gallery was photographed by professional photographer Sharon Swallow - please talk to me about hiring Sharon to take the perfect pic of your bump.

Body Painting
From make up to tattoos, every culture in history has painted and adorned themselves. Using water-based paints including metalic, pearlescent and neon and UV colours, designs can vary from relatively small ‘tattoo’ type pieces to a whole body. Whether for fancy dress, clubbing or business promotion, body paint will definitely stand out from the crowd.  I can include handmade custom headpieces and other individual props.

SFX/ Casualty and Wound Simulation
I can create realistic looking cuts, burns, bites and bruises, or we can have fun creating more dramatic theatrical gore. I can also help you out if you need some horns or elf ears, cyborg body parts or something entirely alien or beastly.

For Casualty Simulation events, I can provide convincing make up and additional effects. My original career path included a degree in Biomedical Science, so i am familiar with anatomy and the pathology of trauma.

Make up
Alongside the beasts,butterflies and burns, I also offer beauty make up for Weddings and other special occasions.