I use only professional face and body painting products such as Tag, Superstar, Cameleon and DFX. Hygiene is very important to me and I always change sponges between each face, and wash brushes regularly. All the glitter that I use is cosmetic grade, and for temporary tattoos, glue, mica and paint is designed for professional use and comply with all the EC cosmetic regulations. For SFX and Cas Sim make up, all the glues, latex, silicone and bloods I use are sold specifically for this purpose. I either make my own henna adding just lemon juice and cajeput oil, or i order it freshly made from a known reliable source.

Removing your temporary artwork

I always use water-soluble paints and in nearly all cases they are non-staining. Paints can usually be removed easily using a mild soap and water, and should be done before going to bed. Some strong colours may linger initially, but don’t worry, they will fade quickly.

Glitter tattoos will begin peel off over 2-7 days, or sooner if they are rubbed or exposed to oil. Along with the longer lasting Mica tattoos, they can safely be removed more quickly using a household oil such as baby oil or tea tree oil.
Temporary tattoos can be easily removed using surgical spirit, Tea Tree Oil or Witch Hazel Wipes or other domestic alcohol-containing products.